AfterBuzz Ep 4

You guys, thank you so much for the love! I was nervous about this episode and didn’t know if you guys would see the real and I wasn’t sure if I’d be judged. You guys have been nothing but amazing & I am so happy & grateful for you! 
Below is the interview I did with AfterBuzz! I did my best to not bash or be disrespectful despite how I may be actually feeling. I hope you guys enjoy!

Also, please be kind. Mistakes are made, I don’t want anyone to think being for me means you have to be against anyone else. Me telling my story, is just me telling my story, not a declaration of war and a signal for my troops to suit up lol 

Anyways, enjoy & I love you! 


3 thoughts on “AfterBuzz Ep 4

  1. I like the show but I more so am a fan of the person you seem to be off of the show. I watched your first interview on afterbuzz and was like wow she has her head on straight and is very articulate and offers insightful reflection about your experiences in life and from the show. Then I watched this episode and I felt your pain girl especially watching you in the midst of rejection still tell him your truth of love and heartbreak. Then I watched this afterbuzz tv interview and I respected the fact that you told your persective of how it went down without bashing him and making him seem like the villain. In the end I just hope you find peace and find a guy, whoever it may be that is worthy of the unwavering love you have so boldly lived out in front of America. Blessings upon blessings to you love.

  2. “I am alpha woman, i am dominant……” Girl…. u got it… I know whatever you did in that show was real and it came from your heart…. If it is him, than i hope he gets his thoughts together, if it is not him, i hope you meet the greatest…..

    All the best,

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