Triggers of Ego

It is important that we figure out what triggers us to attach to Ego. So therefore we can eliminate the attachment to Ego altogether and reconnect with our true divine selves.                              - Kaylen Zahara 

Mind Work

Your choice to sit still and focus on what you want with your mind is far more powerful than getting up and taking only action with your hands and feet. Alignment with the frequency of what you want comes from the mind and is moved through your emotion. You can take action but if you …

Our Job

Our job is to sit back, relax, and trust that the universe will do its job. We have done enough if we are consciously choosing to feel good and trust that what we want will be delivered by the universe. If you are thinking and worrying about the how of something, you are taking over …

Who Am I? 

As I sit her in at a shaded park attempting to capture a moment of clarity and gratitude I ask myself, "Who Am I"? If I am not my thoughts that chatter within my mind, and I am not my hair or the color of my skin, then what could I possibly be? What is …

Change is Inevitable

If we all could just welcome the change that enters our lives and stop looking at it as defeat or seeing the change through eyes of fear we would most certainly be living much more positive lives. Everything is perception and a state of mind. - Kaylen Zahara